Posting Guidelines

  The following guidelines apply to post stories at ASSGM. Any deviations from these guidelines may result in your post not being approved. Posts may be made via the Post Form or directly to:

Please do not send stories to any other address.

Copyright Issues

Stories posted to this site, unless otherwise indicated, are the sole responsibility of the poster. Should any copyright infringements or violations occur, please direct your inquiries to the poster. ASSGM, its moderators, and its web host are not responsible in any way. Posters are always responsible for their actions. 

Changes to Guidelines

ASSGM.COM reserves the right to change any of the guidelines listed. Comments and suggestions are welcome. 

Content Guidelines

Sexual Content

All posts to the site must have some sexual content. This may be direct description of a sex act, or sexual tension that exists between two individuals. Since the term "erotica" varies somewhat, I will approve the story/post as long as there is some degree of sexuality involved. 

Gay/Bisexual Nature

All posts to this site must be of a gay or bisexual nature. This is to say there must be contact or sexual tension between two members of the same sex. An exception to this would be a story about masturbation, provided that the masturbator is not fantasizing about the opposite sex. If I find the gay/bisexual nature to be questionable, the post will not be approved. Currently, there are no limitations on lesbian contributions to the site. Since they are predominantly posted in "hetero" sites, I do not think this will be an issue. For those that are received, I request that they are clearly labeled (see Subject Line Formatting). 

Content Limitations: 

Originally, content was not censored at all, provided it met the other guidelines of this document.  However, due to some stories that went beyond what we could allow, there are now some restrictions on content.  The following was written by me:

  1. No Snuff of any character under the age of consent. By Snuff, this is narrowly defined to mean someone who derives sexual pleasure from killing his victim. This does not include deaths that occur as a result of accident or injury.
  2. No non-consensual sex and/or torture involving characters under the age of consent.
  3. No mutilation of teens characters or characters under the age of consent. Mutilation includes any permanent physical injury inflicted for the pleasure of the person performing the act. Excepted from this proscription are medical procedures performed by persons qualified to perform such procedures. An example of this would be a description of a circumcision performed either as part of a specific ritual or by a physician.

    As a matter of legal protection for the moderators, the following rule is adopted:
  4. No personally identifiable information involving any real person other than the poster. This rule has been unofficially adopted since we received a post a few months ago of a person's recounting a sexual assault that provided information about the alleged perpetrator. We are in no position to investigate the validity of such claims and cannot be protected solely from the disclaimer that appears on the bottom of each post. We urge anyone who is victimized to contact their local police. You are certainly free to post such stories, but for your own protection as well as ours, you cannot provide personally identifiable information. Of course, this rule does not apply to Celebrity stories except to the extent you supply things such as addresses and phone numbers for the Celebs.

Gay Issues/Topics

This site is not a public forum for discussion of gay issues and topics. The only way such topics and issues will be included in the site is in story format, and the story would have to meet the other criteria mentioned in these guidelines. Any issues or topics that are included (which when done can add believability or realism to a story) may be discussed only as story elements. Any posts regarding the issues themselves will not be posted. For example, should a struggle with Christianity be included as a story element, any comments regarding Christianity itself will not be posted. Capiche? 

Web Sites

Posts for personal web sites will only be permitted if they meet the following criteria: 

  • The page MUST be personal in nature.
  • There MUST be a story attached to the post.
  • The web page MUST have story content, unless it is the personal home page of the author.
  • The page MUST NOT have any sort of Adult Verification Service required.
  • I will check the pages before sending the post to the site. If I deem it inappropriate, no post. This does not apply to home page addresses given in signature lines and things of that nature. I'm referring to blatant "visit my site" kind of posts. The page also MUST NOT be a preview page, free subscription page, etc. advertising a pay service. I reserve the right to reject any post for any reason, should I decide to do so. My decision is final.

Formatting Guidelines

Subject Line Formatting

Subject lines should be formatted as follows, using the codes provided: 


  • ST: (New Story), FAN: (for FanFic) or RP: (Repost) should begin the subject line  Also, any Snuff work MUST begin the subject line with SNUFF:
    The Story Name should be less than 20 characters when possible (abbreviate if necessary).
  • The following content codes should be used to identify the story elements. This allows readers to easily bypass stories they do not find interesting. 

    ( ? / ? ) The question marks should be replaced by the appropriate symbols for the story characters. 



      M (Adult Male 18+)
      M+ (Multiple Adult Males 18+)
      t (Teenage Male 16-17)
      t+ (Multiple Teenage Males 16-17)
      b (Young boy; under 16)
      b+ (Multiple Young boys; under 16)
      F (Adult Female 18+)
      F+ (Multiple Adult Females 18+)
      f (Teenage Female 16-17)
      f+ (Multiple Teenage Females 16-17)
      g (Young girl; under 16)
      g+ (Multiple Young girls; under 16)

    Note: Coupling should only be between characters of consenting age or between characters not of consenting age.

    Possible combinations are numerous, but examples are: (M/M) which would imply sexual situations between two men. (M/t) which would imply sexual situations between a man and a teenager, etc.

    (addt'l) This section would be for any unusual story elements, including fetishes. 

    You  should  add an activity code if your descriptions are garden variety sexual relations (e.g., anal, oral). However, stories with scat, watersports, rape/NC, incest, etc. should contain this activity code in the subject line. Authors have had their email boxes dumped on when "surprises" like these appear to the unwary reader. Should your story not have any sexual content, just tension, you should  add a "no-sex" tag to it as well. 


      Anal Sex
      Bondage & Discipline
      Celebrity (sex with someone famous)
      Cock & Ball Torture
      Consensual sex
      Cross Dressing (Transvestite)
      Mind Control
      Oral Sex
      Real (claimed to be a true story)
      Scat (sex involving feces)
      Water sports (sex with urine)


      Big Cocks
      Black (African American)
      Blue collar
      Body builders
      Business men
      College guys


      Bars, Clubs, Discos
      Buddy booths
      Dark Room
      Glory Holes
      High School
      Parking Lot
      Peep Holes
      Shopping Mall

These are examples of a few appropriate story subject lines: 

  • Subject:ST: "Visiting Grandpa" (m/t, incest) 
    Subject: ST: "The Prison Guard" (m/m, rape, torture) 
    Subject: RP: "First Time" (t/t) 
    Subject: RP: "Shit Eater" (m/m, scat, watersports, bondage) 
    Subject: RP: "My First Orgy" (m+)

Stories should be sent in the coding already completed. Should I receive your story improperly formatted or uncoded, I may return your story back to you to be coded. 

Text Formatting: 

There are two posting options. While there is not a "perfect format" that will work on all systems, I do my best to ensure maximum readability for the majority of the ASSGM subscribers. The two options are: 

If you are familiar enough with characters per line, please post in the following manner:

  • Please limit each line to 70 to 75 characters and hit the return key at the end of each line.
  • Extra line spaces should be placed between paragraphs.
  • The tab key should be avoided.
  • Posts should be limited to 50 kb whenever possible and posted in plain ASCII text.

If you are unfamiliar with characters per line, and are using a different word processor and just pasting your story into your newsreader, please post in the following manner: (These instructions courtesy of Jim Bowers)

  • Use any Word Processor you like.
  • Convert the finished product into "text" or "ASCII" format. (".txt" file extension)
  • If the Word Processor supports it, select "line return" or "carriage return" (hard return) at paragraphs only.
  • Add a blank line between paragraphs.
  • Keep posts under 50 Kb where possible by splitting larger posts into smaller parts.
  • Paste the post into the "body" area of your site posting system.
  • Avoid the use of the "attach file" option.

The option above may not work, depending upon which newsreader you are using, and your ISP.  If you would like to avoid messing with characters per line completely, I recommend downloading "Free Agent" off of the net (free download) at .  Free Agent allows you to select your characters per line, and will format your lines as you copy your story into its posting window.  Just type your story in your word processor, hitting return (enter) only at paragraphs.  When you copy/paste it, the characters per line with happen automatically, solving the problem.

We may experience formatting problems from time to time. We ask that all authors and readers be patient as this is not a perfect system.  With the robot moderation system, it is no longer possible for us to reformat posts, so please format as carefully as you can.  If you have difficulties, feel free to email us.

Size of Posts

Through testing, I've found out that while there are no limits as to the size of the story, larger posts can cause readers difficulty. This is especially true for WebTV users, who can not load the document if it is too large. In addition, some servers drop any post that is excessively large to save space, so posts could be lost for that reason. For that reason, posts over 50kb should be broken apart into smaller sections. 


All of the story posts made to this site will be archived for an undetermined amount of time. The length of time is dependent upon the amount of archival space available, which is currently enormous. Once the maximum capacity is reached, older posts will be removed and replaced with current ones. Should you have specific copyright restrictions against archival, your post to this site signifies your express permission for the archival of your story, despite any restrictions you make in your post. Your post/story will not be used for any other purpose other than for general ASSGM readership, including the Mailing List (see below). If you do not want your story archived for the benefit of all of the ASSGM readers, try posting it to another site. 

As stated in the document, I reserve the right to change any of this in the future,

or to make exceptions to it as I deem necessary.

Suggestions are welcomed and appreciated.

Updated 12/02/2007